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Order Criminal Record
Welcome to the OFFICIAL SOURCE for background checks of criminal records, and your right to expunge (remove) that criminal record forever.

  • One in FIVE adults over the age of 18 have a criminal record (misdemeanor or felony);
  • Courts in the United States of America are not required to expunge or seal a person's criminal record once the requirements of the arrest or conviction have been completed;
  • A person must petition the court(s) in order to have all information regarding a criminal arrest or conviction permanently removed from National or local data repositories even if the court dismissed the case;
  • A Criminal Record (whether a conviction occurred or not) is the #1 criteria used by employers and landlords when determining the credibility of a person being hired or approving the applicant for tenancy;
  • A person (if eligible) can have criminal records removed permanently from all national and local data repositories;
  • You may have been eliminated from a great job opportunity, apartment or acceptance of a loan or credit card without you even knowing the reason(s).
View sample criminal record is the ONLY Company that provides complete and accurate court information to a person seeking up-to-date knowledge regarding their own criminal arrest or conviction history. has access to over 3,000 district court records nationally which allows a person their right to have criminal records expunged (removed) from not only the courts but more importantly, the data repositories used by thousands of companies and landlords when making hiring and/or tenancy decisions. In other words, You can put the past behind you FOREVER.

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