Property Damage, Bad Tenant, or Eviction Problems?

apartments-rightProperty Damage, A bad tenant or Eviction Problems consuming your time and money? Here at FMR we have your ANSWERS!
As a property manager or landlord, your profits depend on the quality of your tenants. The landlords and communities that use Reliable Screening for tenant screening report the highest rates of retention and the lowest rates of turnover in their respective markets! Simply put, we are the best!

The liability of accepting a bad tenant is huge!  Eviction and legal fees can cost thousands of dollars, while property damage can be staggering.  Your investment needs to be protected by!

  • Find out if your applicants are financially responsible.
  • Evaluate their credit score, trade-line information, and public records including bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, child support…and more.
  • Know who your applicant really is by verifying their Social Security Number.
  • Stay Compliant on Fair Housing issues by developing your OWN score card based on your own property’s requirements.
  • Provide protection and peace of mind for you and your tenants.

All with as your number one resource in tenant screening,background checks,drug testing kits, and expungements!


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