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Expungement is a procedure designed to permanently remove all or part of the record on a criminal court case. The procedure varies from state to state based on the statutes created by the state itself. In addition, the adverse finding or disposition (guilt) is removed by withdrawing, vacating, annulling or setting aside the finding of guilt thereby expunging the conviction from the records.

The laws regarding expungement have been enacted by the states to accomplish public policy relative to helping those convicted who have demonstrated rehabilitation (a period of time without a criminal offense) to integrate back into society. In other words, allow a person to apply for a job or to rent a residence without ramifications relative to their criminal history. The need for expungement has greatly increased in the last decade because of the dramatic increase in the use of criminal background checks.

What do I do?

View sample criminal record reportThe first step in the process is to find out what records are included in the court system and housed in the various repositories nationwide. Reliable employment and Tenant Screening companies ( and use software and data which are regulated by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). You could hire a licensed attorney to handle this procedure, however, the cost would be high and it isn't really necessary. Every state is different in the requirements or procedures for expungement. Taken into account is the type of offense as well as the severity of the criminal convictions and the amount of time that has passed since the most recent conviction. provides you with what you will need to complete the expungement process. The first step is to order your criminal record. After that process is completed, an eligibility assessment will be provided (if it is requested) and the process begins. We will provide you with a LIVE specialist to walk you through the expungement process until your records (if eligible) are completely removed. That is our commitment to you! Furthermore, will also have your expunged records removed from the database.

Some felony and misdemeanor offenses that can be expunged include:

Theft, Grand theft, Possession of Marijuana or other Controlled Substances, Shoplifting, DUI, Domestic Violence, Assault, Battery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Receiving Stolen Property, Robbery, Burglary, Prostitution, Indecent Exposure, Solicitation and many more...

Order your record and eligibility assessment TODAY to begin the process of becoming FREE from criminal encumberment.

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