Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If my criminal court case was dismissed do I still have a criminal record?
Yes. You have a public criminal record that says you were charged with a crime and that your charge was later dismissed.

Q: If my arrest and conviction happened over 10 years ago doesn’t the information drop off my record?
No. Just because a case is old does not mean the record is no longer available to be viewed. Information never automatically “drops off”. Court records are viewable unless they are sealed by law, or expunged.

Can an expungment request be denied?
Yes. Each state sets its own standards. Some factors which may contribute to a denial include: The wait time requirement has not been met, there are pending criminal proceedings filed against the applicant, the type of crime does not qualify for expungment, fines have not been paid.

Q: Will a criminal record automatically disqualify me from ever getting a job?
No. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says that a person cannot be denied employment based on a criminal record alone. An employer must consider the nature and gravity of the offense, and the relevance of the offense to the duties of the job being sought.

Q: How can I find out what will show up on my criminal record?
  You can order a criminal background report on yourself. Find out what potential employers or landlords are able to find out about you.


Q:How long can drugs be detected in your system?
  The answer varies with the type of drug used, and the method of detection used. The table below shows drug detection times for urine and oral tests.

Drug/Drug Group Detection Time/Urine Test
Alcohol 24 hours or less urine 24 hours or less oral
Amphetamines 2 to 3 days urine 1 to 2 days oral
Barbiturates 1 to 3 days urine Not detectable by oral
Benzodiazepines 1 to 14 days urine Not detectable by oral
Cocaine 2 to 3 days urine 12 hours to 1 day
Marijuana (THC) 1 to 30 days urine 0 hours to 1 day
MDMA-Ecstasy 2 to 4 days urine 24 to 36 hours
Methadone 1 to 3 days urine Not detectable by oral
Methamphetamines 2 to 3 days urine 1 to 2 days oral
Opiate 1 to 3 days urine 12 to 36 hours
Oxycodone 1 to 3 days urine 24 to 36 hours
Phencyclidine 2 to 3 days urine 1 to 2 days oral

Q:Are there any legal medications that can trigger a positive result?
Yes, many over the counter sinus and cold medications can cause a positive result for methamphetamine. Some of the substances tested for are available legally with a prescription.

Q:Will commonly used substances such as vitamins, aspirin, caffeine or acetaminophen affect the results?
No. Our tests are drug and drug metabolite. These common substances are chemically and structurally different after being metabolized by the body from the drugs being tested for. Therefore under most circumstances they do not interfere or compromise the test results.

If a drug test is positive, can you determine how long ago the drug was taken and over what period of time?
No. Drug testing can only detect whether or not a specific drug or drug metabolite is present at the time the test is performed. While there are very broad estimates as to how long a particular drug may have been in the system, no fluid based drug test, regardless of method is intended to include a time variable.

Am I invading my child/teen’s privacy by drug testing them?
Absolutely not. Children are using drugs at earlier and earlier ages as time goes on. Drug testing your child or teen has been a proven preventative method, if not the best one, for keeping your child or teen drug free. You have to think about their ultimate well being and disregard people who say that drug testing is an invasion of your privacy, because it is not! In Board of Education of Independent School District No. 92 of Pottawatomie County, et al, Petitioners v. Lindsay Earls et al, the United States Court of Appeals for the tenth circuit ruled that drug testing students for extracurricular activities is in fact constitutional. The laws of our land uphold drug testing, and opponents are likely drug users themselves who do not want to be tested for obvious reasons. If you suspect that your child or teen is using drugs, if you care about them, you will test them. Think of this not as a legality issue, but an issue of being a good parent.

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