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My name is Juan Martinez. I am a hard working latino and have never had a problem with the law. However, recently a policeman pulled me over on a speeding violation and informed me that I had an assault and battery conviction on my record. I told him he had the wrong Juan Martinez, but he was adamant it was me. After going to three attorneys, I realized no one knew how to handle my problem of mistaken identity. That was until I found out about They did a social security and name search, found the problem and informed all courts nationwide and data bases of the error. Now I can rent an apartment without the fear of being turned down due to an incorrect background search. I owe my future to
Juan Martinez

I was a college graduate, married, two children, professional and couldn’t find a job. In fact, In most cases, I never received a second interview. I had heard about from a friend of mine. Knowing I had a altercation years ago, I gave them my information and low and behold, a DUI 5 years ago in another state was still on my record and was never expunged. I realized states don’t automatically expunge records! This one infraction on my record was keeping me from getting a job because reputable companys all do extensive background checks and I was automatically eliminated from the application process due to my criminal record. not only provided me with the case number, date, infraction and status, but also recommended the course of action needed in order to have my record expunged FOREVER. I now have a good job and have the assurance that my record will never be a scar against my character again.
Happy Client
Draper, UT

I am a grandmother of five, 50 years of age and had a shoplifting conviction 15 years ago. I admitted to the mistake, paid the restitution and expecting everything would go away. That was until I tried to get a job at a part-time job at Walmart. They said I could not be hired because of my conviction. You could imagine how surprised I was to hear that! My son told me to check out They found my record, providing me with details and the expungement procedures in order to have my record clean. It was quick, responsive, inexpensive, thorough and above all, easy. was not a typical internet service that gets you nothing. This is a company that really cares about providing great service. I would recommend this service to anyone.
Grandfather of Five
Salt Lake City, UT

I am a human resource manager for one of the largest cities in America. We have an international airport, utilities, and public services galore. Western Reporting has been our background screening company the past two years and has kept us EEOC and FCRA compliant on all of our 5,000 applicants we process each year. We are a better city and have better employees with less litigation because of the great work Western Reporting provides.
Human Resource Manager

Our company is a non-profit organization which provides rehabilitation services throughout the world. We are in the business of helping people who have had criminal issues and providing jobs and assistance in getting lives back on track. Western Reporting has been in the past 7 years a company that we have always relied on in providing us accurate information on all of our applicants. They understand all compliancy and regulatory issues relative to our business model and has always been responsive to special questions or needs. They are unquestionably the finest and most professional background screening business in the industry today. Bar none!
Rehab Service Provider
Las Vegas, NV

I am the director of recreation for a city over 100,000 people. We had a lawsuit involving a coach who committed a horrible offense against a player. This coach had a previous criminal record and we, as a community, were held liable and paid the price both personally and monetarily. Above and beyond the protection of our young people lies the responsibility of our administrators to protect and serve people. Period! Western Reporting has routinely found criminals with substance abuse and sexual impropriety records which were denied the ability to coach soccor, baseball, basketball and all other sports, both girls and boys. We have not had one litigation in over 5 years of using Western Reporting for all of our screening needs. There ability and knowledge in background screening is worth its weight 10-fold in protecting our community. I highly recocommend Western Reporting for any Drug, Employment or Tenant Screening needs.
City Recreation Director

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Our company is a non-profit organization which provides rehabilitation services throughout the world. We are in the business of helping people who hav...

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